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Officially finished Doctor Who s4, and if I thought nothing would break me like the end of s2, hah, well see, I never imagined I’d get quite so attached to Donna. Kill me now.

I can barely even find words to express it - once more my heart was stomped on and again this show manages to hurt me.

But Rose and the Doctor, oh it was heartbreaking - absolutely, painfully so - yet so perfect. Actually, this show is really fucking amazing, in that it again and again manages to take what should be a happy ending, and somehow twist it into soul crushing, life ruining heartbreak. It leaves you right on top of a fucking emotional rollercoaster, every time.

(My neighbours probably heard me break down. Trust me, it wasn’t like this single, beautiful tear, Dean Winchester style; there was ugly sobbing into a pillow, actual wailing and the occasional pained whimper.)


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